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Frank Hansen House of Cards photo photo_zpsaf9b92e0.png

Frank Hansen still Dark Knight rises photo Frank_Hansen_Dark_Knight_Rises_Swat_zpsb978323f.jpg

 photo Frank_Hansen_Shotgun_zpscb506023.jpg

 photo Frank_Hansen_invincible_zps035c00cf.jpg

 photo 69c057fc-67bc-455d-a962-3a2c1b518299_zps10d61c38.jpg

Lovely Bones with Michael Imperioli photo Frank_Hansen_Lovely_Bones_Michael_Imperioli_zps3a044819.jpg

Frank Hansen 13 Jason Statham 1 photo Frank_Hansen_13_Jason_Statham_2_zps69870e37.jpg

Frank Hansen 13 Jason Statham 2 photo Frank_Hansen_13_Jason_Statham_1_zps8bd57bb6.jpg

HEAD ON STICK FRANK HANSEN photo FireCrazynew_zpsf2aebb80.jpg

Frank Hansen STILL FROM LIFE ON MARS EPISODE 4 photo lifeonmars_zps493b59c8.jpg

ANGELINA JOLIE WITH FRANK HANSEN photo Angelina_zps4840d1cd.jpg

SALT SHIP GRAVEYARD FRANK HANSEN photo Shipyard_zpsb464706e.jpg

CHAOS DUMP FRANK HANSEN photo Chaos_zps6ad1dc4b.jpg

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